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EWC is one of Internorm's leading partners, supplying and installing a collection of high end window and door systems throughout the Republic of Ireland. Contact EWC for Passive house systems and luxury home improvements.

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Internorm by EWC

As one of Internorm’s leading partners within the Republic of Ireland, Eco Window Concepts Ltd have years of experience in installing a selection of high end windows and doors & providing clients with an exceptional service. Their experience has led them to build up a team of highly trained experts that have been trained on new technologies ideas and the incredible products on offer. 

The collection of low energy systems on offer combine exceptional standards of design engineering and performance to enhance your grand design and reflect your personality and style. The window and door systems have been designed to add luxury appeal to any property they’re installed into, allowing clients to choose from a variety of styles that will instantly add a sense of grandeur and complement the architecture of the property. 

Internorm by EWC are a brand that you can trust and will provide a quality service to those that invest in Internorm windows and doors. From the moment you get in touch with them, right through to the installation process, the highly trained EWC team will turn your grand designs into a reality. 

Passive House Certified Windows & Doors from EWCL

The vast collection of luxury systems that EWC offer are fabricated with a range of high quality, premium materials. All windows and doors come with Passive House certification with U-values as low as 0.64, ensuring every property is provided with low energy products that help to improve and enhance a property’s ecological footprint. 

Clients can choose from a selection of window systems ranging from aluminium and uPVC windows, aluminium and timber windows as well as uPVC windows. Also available are a collection of luxury entrance doors and large scale sliding doors. 

Visit Our Showrooms

Clients in the Republic of Ireland also have the opportunity to experience the incredible range of Internorm products by visiting one of their three showrooms in County Carlow, County Cork and Dublin. Here, clients can view the most up to date products on display and receive consultations, advice and prices on request. 

Cork Showroom (By appointment Only)

No 1, Suttons Court,
Dublin Road,
Co Cork.

Carlow Showroom

Muine Bheag Business Park,
Royal Oak Rd,
Muine Bheag,
Co. Carlow

Get in touch today, and you can find out more about the range of Internorm products and services we offer, receiving in depth advice and knowledge to help bring your grand design to life. 

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Smart home automation at your fingertips

Smart home automation at your fingertips

Internorm windows and doors are feats of innovation. The uPVC and hybrid blend systems are available with a wide range of smart tech options and upgrades. Among these are solar units, remote mobile phone operation and thermal and UV responsive electric blinds. Bring your home into the future with Internorm windows and doors.

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