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Passivhaus Windows

Internorm offers the most comprehensive range of high performance, triple-glazed windows and doors for Passivhaus buildings, with U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m²K). Suitable for both new build, deep retrofit and EnerPHit projects.

Discuss your Passivhaus project with your nearest Internorm Distribution Partner today and find out why Internorm triple-glazed windows and doors are the UK's leading Passive House solution for both Passivhaus certified and homes that are built to Passivhaus standards.

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Key Features

Excellent Thermal Insulation/Thermal Comfort

Internorm triple-glazed windows and doors for Passivhaus are highly energy efficient and totally bespoke to your project. Due to the design and engineering of both Timber-Aluminium and uPVC-Aluminium products, they offer excellent thermal insulation, minimising heat transfer from frame, glazing unit and the interface between the glazing unit and the frame.

Outstanding Air Tightness

In order to achieve outstanding air tightness for your Passivhaus project, Internorm systems include a unique glass bonding technology (I-tec Glazing) and triple sealing gaskets as standard on all its aluminium cladded timber and uPVC Passivhaus suitable windows and doors.

Versatile Shading Solutions

When designing a Passivhaus building,  it is important to always consider shading at the design stage to minimise the excessive solar heat gain in summer, mitigating overheating risk, and reducing energy consumption by avoiding active cooling. Shading is not just important for a Passivhaus but any building. Internorm offers the ideal shading solutions with both its external Venetian Raffstore and accessible integrated blind options.


Material Choices

The Passivhaus standard offers great flexibility relating to the architectural style and materials used within a Passivhaus building. In the same way, Internorm high performance, triple-glazed windows offer a comprehensive selection of products with a choice of materials, including timber, uPVC and aluminium for its external cladding, often exceeding the relative performance and comfort criteria set by the Passivhaus Institut.


Long Lifespan

Buying windows for your Passivhaus will probably be the largest one-off purchase decision you will make for your project. It is therefore important to invest in quality windows that will perform in the same way as they did on the first day of installation. Internorm windows and doors are manufactured to the highest standards and will last a lifetime, matching the longevity of other components of the building envelope.


Bespoke Design

Buildings are as individual as the people that live within them. Internorm triple-glazed windows and doors are available in a wide choice of finishes, colours and design options to suit any architectural style of Passivhaus. So whether you are creating a self build Passivhaus or retrofitting an existing building to improve its energy efficiency, Internorm offers many options to choose from.


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Passive House windows

What is a Passivhaus?

Passive House, or Passivhaus, is a leading building standard that enables you to build comfortable, low-energy homes that offer the ultimate level of comfort and insulation, whilst reducing the building’s carbon footprint. Established in Germany in 1996 by the Passivhaus Institute, the core focus of a Passive House building is to ensure your space reduces the requirement for heating and cooling.

Passivhaus suitable windows are required to be energy efficient, triple glazed as your standard and must not exceed a U-value of 0.8 W/(m²K), amongst many other specifications.

Internorm offers the most comprehensive range of window systems for Passivhaus and EnerPHit projects, meticulously designed and engineered to meet the stringent requirements for a Passive House building. With a combination of materials and innovative I-tec solutions, our high performance products will reduce the demand for space heating and cooling, providing exceptional levels of airtightness and thermal comfort.

Secure, Modern & Low Energy Windows

As standard, Internorm windows for Passivhaus are manufactured  with I-tec Glazing, which not only helps to improve stability and security but most importantly, the thermal insulation of the triple glazed windows.

Our Passivhaus suited windows are manufactured in four distinct design styles, offering you the choice of modern and traditional options available. Every window we offer can be perfectly combined with all other Internorm systems.

Internorm triple glazed windows have outstanding thermal insulation, with U-values as low as 0.62 W/(m²K).

Your Home, Your Window Design

Internorm’s range of Timber-AluminiumuPVC-Aluminium and uPVC windows can all achieve impressively low U-values, offering outstanding thermal insulation across all designs. You can tailor your selection and window design to suit your individual Passivhaus project.

By choosing Internorm Passivhaus suitable windows, you’ll not only benefit from energy-efficient window systems, but you’ll also improve your property’s ecological footprint.

We understand that everyone’s taste is different, so Internorm manufactures some of the best performing window products for Passive House in a choice of profile options, with each design style created to suit a range of architecture.

Choose a modern and minimalist style with our Studio windows, or take a more traditional approach with our timeless Ambiente range. Whatever your style, Internorm has something for everyone, including essential shading options.

Window Styles

Timber-Aluminium Windows

Blending the sleek and timeless feel of sustainable hardwood on the inside, with the practicality of hard-wearing aluminium on the outside, our Timber-Aluminium composite windows are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to match the window frames to the interior design of their Passivhaus. Also available with accessible integrated blinds to avoid excessive solar gain in summer.

uPVC-Aluminium Windows

Combining contemporary uPVC internally with low maintenance aluminium cladding externally, our uPVC-Aluminium composite window systems are the perfect energy efficient choice for any homeowner. With incredibly low U-values, as well as a multitude of finishes, colours , as well as integrated blinds, the Internorm uPVC-Aluminium windows are the perfect choice for both retrofits as well as new build Passive Houses.

uPVC Windows

One of the most established and low maintenance window options on the market, our uPVC windows offer the same Internorm innovation as our composite styles. Providing exceptional thermal performance, they also offer superior noise insulation and enhanced security. These bespoke uPVC windows deliver industry leading performance, without the need for excessive maintenance.

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If you are searching for energy efficient windows that offer outstanding performance, as well as style, longevity and sustainability, then Internorm Passivhaus suitable windows are the perfect choice for your self build or retrofit project.

Our Distribution Partners share our passion for innovation and quality, and aim to provide expert advice and efficient customer service. With in-depth Internorm product knowledge, local showrooms and professionally trained installers, you are assured of excellent service from start to finish.

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