Lift and slide doors

Lift and Slide Doors

Internorm lift and slide doors don't just slide, they glide!

Internorm’s premium, triple glazed lift and slide doors offer you a high performance and long lasting solution to any sliding door needs. Find a Distribution Partner today.

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Key Features

Insulating Materials

The way our lift and slide doors are engineered lends itself to outstanding energy efficiency. They can play a vital role in decreasing your reliance on central heating systems, improving your carbon footprint in the long term. These doors can easily achieve U-values as low as just 0.62 W/(m²K).

Acoustic Insulation

We engineer our triple glazed lift & slide doors to block out the maximum amount of external noise. Improve the quality of soundproofing in your home by working with your local Internorm Distribution Partner. Enjoy peace and quiet with noise reduction standards of up to 43 dB.

Outstanding Security

Each of the lift & slide door profiles that we offer adhere to requirements of PAS 24. In addition to this, they score highly in anti-burglary tests, meaning they’re a secure barrier between your home and unwanted intruders. Robust composite material combinations and concealed locking systems keep you safe.

Effortless Operation

Our range of lift and slide doors are engineered for absolute ease of use. They open and close with a smooth, effortless glide and there is no pressure on the rollers when stationary. They are even available with our motorised comfort drive technology.

Expansive Views

Stylishly slim sightlines and low thresholds allow us to fit large glass units to our lift and slide doors. Allow the maximum amount of natural light and warmth to flow into your property, promoting a bright and spacious atmosphere in your home. Seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Bespoke Customisation

You can configure the design of your lift and slide door to suit your exact tastes. Select from Timber-Aluminium, uPVC-aluminium or uPVC for the profile, configuring the external profile in a colour you adore. Complete the design with whatever hardware, glazing and furniture selections you desire and unify with any windows and doors you specify in matching or contrasting materials.

KS 430

  • Thermal Insulation

    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)

    Uw up to 0,64

  • Sound Reduction

    Sound reduction (in dB)

    Up to 43

  • Security


    RC1N, RC2

HS 330

  • Thermal Insulation

    Thermal insulation (in W/m²K)

    Uw up to 0,73

  • Sound Reduction

    Sound reduction (in dB)

    Up to 40

  • Security


    Up to RC1N, RC2

triple for double offer

Spring Offer

Triple Glazing for the Price of Double

Ts & Cs apply

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Internorm lift & slide doors

Large-Scale Architectural Glazing Lift & Slide Doors

Looking to add to your space, extend your living area or build your dream home? The exceptional range of large scale lift and slide doors from Internorm will instantly connect the interior of any grand design to the surrounding nature. The large glass areas will not only maximise natural light allowance but create a new and unlimited sense of space. The large glazed areas of the lift slide doors will bring more direct light into your property. The glass panes are made from toughened glass, thus protecting and preventing damage from occurring.

Limited Offer

When purchasing a glass sliding door from Internorm, homeowners can enjoy triple glazing for the price of double. Browse our promotions today for more information.

Sliding Doors for Low Energy and Passivhaus

Offered with triple glazing, the lift and slide doors by Internorm ensure exceptional thermal insulation with U-values as low as 0.64 W/(m²K). The improved heat retention up to Passivhaus suitable standards allow you to enjoy a home and benefit from low energy systems; improving the property’s carbon footprint.

The bespoke lift & slide doors are precision engineered using a collection of materials that are designed to last. You can opt for profiles that are available in Timber-Aluminium, uPVC-Aluminium as well as uPVC. We also offer the panoramic HX300 sliding doors; a profile that allows for much larger openings, thus giving you the option to make walls disappear and seamlessly connect your UK property to the surrounding nature.

Additionally, we are proud to offer our Internorm fly screens. We provide a range of fly screens and four different fabric options to complete any Internorm Timber-Aluminium or uPVC-Aluminium window or door product, so there is one for every home and every project.

Low Energy, Secure and Modern in Design

Bespoke Designs

  • Enjoy more light through large scale glass units
  • Available in an array of attractive colours for individual design requests
  • Benefit from better stability due to the glass fibre low threshold
  • Thermally insulated sliding glass doors with U-values as low as 0.64 W/(m²K)
  • Profiles can be perfectly combined with other Internorm systems

Innovation & Performance

  • Toughened glass panes prevent injuries if glass breakages occur
  • Offers exceptional comfort combined with high quality innovation and technology
  • Create an open and bright living environment
  • Option of I-tec Innovations to create a smarter and efficient home
  • Minimal tripping hazard due to the low threshold height

Grand Design Projects with Internorm

If you want to add a sense of style and class to your home, Internorm glazed lift & slide doors are the perfect asset to add to your grand design project.

At Internorm, we pride ourselves on delivering industry leading window and door systems, manufactured using top of the line materials to produce top of the range products for our customers. Our lift & slide Doors are no different.


Internorm works through a network of Distribution Partners across the UK. All our partners are strong believers in the quality of their service, as well as the quality of how they design and install their Internorm products into your home.

By finding your nearest Internorm lift sliding door partner, you can be sure that they will deliver you with high quality service and exceptional products.

To find your nearest Internorm Partner, use the Internorm ‘Find a Distribution Partner’ tool and you could be speaking with an expert about installing your Internorm doors within a matter of minutes.

Match Your Entrance Doors to Your Lift and Slide Doors

Find your Nearest Distribution Partner

Looking to incorporate lift and slide doors into your home renovation, new build or architectural project? Your nearest Internorm Partner will be able to provide you with a free quote and consultation. They are all highly trained to provide you with a service that exceeds all standards of quality, providing you with the advice and knowledge you require for your next grand design project.

You can get in touch with our expert team today and they can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of our sliding glass doors and all the incredible architectural glazing we have on offer.

Choose Internorm today for high end, bespoke lift and slide doors that combine stunning slimline aesthetics with exceptional standards of longevity.

Find a Distribution Partner
Find an Internorm Distribution Partner

Find a Distribution Partner