Internorm fly screens

Internorm Fly Screens

Who doesn’t want to open windows during warmer months to let fresh air into the home without having to worry about unwanted and annoying visitors like flies, mosquitos, and moths?

An effective insect screen for windows, French doors and lift & slide doors will make a huge difference. With a fly screen on your window or door, you can turn your home into an insect-free, fresh air zone. From a simple pull-down fly screen to a large plissé sliding fly screen, we have a suitable insect protection solution available to you.

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Internorm Fly Screens

Internorm Made-to-Measure Fly Screens

From a large panoramic window or patio door in your living room, to a small kitchen or bathroom window, at Internorm you can have a custom-made fly screen to match your Internorm triple glazed windows and doors.

We offer a range of fly screens and four different fabric options to complete any Internorm Timber-Aluminium or uPVC-Aluminium composite window or door product, so there is one for every home and every project.

Pull-Down Fly Screen

This type of insect screen is incredibly easy to use and can quickly be pulled up or down. It is mounted directly onto the window and can be combined with any type of blind.

Fixed Frame Fly Screen

This fly screen is clamped into the window rebate using springs. The significant advantage of this option is the easy installation without drilling and the frame can be attached from the interior.

Any Internorm fly screen can be matched to the external powder-coated aluminium cladding of the window or door frame. This can be customised to a colour of your choice and the frame of the fly screen will be perfectly colour matched to the window frame.

Turn Frame Fly Screen

The rotating frame is the perfect insect screen for a balcony or patio door. It can be opened like a door and is secured with a practical magnet lock. They are hassle free to operate thanks to the combination of handle and button.

Sliding Frame Fly Screen

As the name suggests, the insect screen is fitted to the sash and can easily slide to the side when needed. The frame has a stable construction without compromising on ease of use, making them ideal as an insect screen for a lift & slide doors or large panoramic glazing.

Plissé Fly Screen

This latest addition is the ideal solution for large lift & slide doors as this manually operated fly screen disappears into its housing when fully opened.

Fly Screen Fabric Options

Internorm fly screens are also available with four different fabric options to suit your requirements, all made from hard-wearing mesh:

Fibreglass Fabric

This is our standard solution for fly screens on windows. It is almost invisible yet also extremely durable and long lasting.

4Plus Fabric

Hay fever sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief. The extra-fine 4Plus fabric not only protects against insects but also against pollen. The special coating reduces the pollen load by up to 86%. Enjoy opening your windows without sneezing or streaming eyes.

Pet Screen Fabric

Fly screens with this fabric option are ideal for pet owners as they can withstand scratching by cats and dogs. Made from extra tear-resistant material, this fabric also protects the claws and paws or your four-legged friends.

V2A Steel Mesh

This stainless-steel mesh also serves as protection against rodents and other small mammals. It is particularly easy to clean and meets high hygiene requirements, which is why it is often used in the in restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

Insect Protection for Cat & Dog Owners

As a cat or dog owner, you often face a dilemma. You want to keep insects out without restricting your pet from being able to move around. Fortunately, there are several animal-friendly insect repellent solutions available at Internorm.

Cat Flap

The turn frame is available with an opening for cats on request, ensuring they can move freely in and out of the house.

Turn Door

The turn frame can also be implemented as a swing door. This swings both inwards and outwards under slight pressure. Dogs can open the swing door independently.

Combine Fly Screens with Internorm Blinds

Our fly screen options can easily be combined with our shading products. Why not add both the plissé to keep the insects out with Internorm’s Raffstore Venetian blinds to provide privacy and stop your home from overheating?

Both can be colour matched to the external aluminium cladding of our triple glazed Timber-Aluminium or uPVC-Aluminium lift & slide doors.

If you have French doors on the first floor, you can even combine a fly screen with our integrated Juliet balcony.

Whether you are looking for fly screen solutions for tilt & turn windows or large lift & slide doors there are options available so that everyone can keep insects out of their home.

Contact your nearest Internorm Distribution Partner to find out more and get advice on the most suitable fly screen option for your Internorm triple glazed windows and doors.

Our Distribution Partners

Our Internorm distribution partners will offer exceptional service from the first point of contact and throughout your project. This ranges from professional advice to clean installations and attentive aftersales service. We created the Internorm Customer Care Program so that you can be completely satisfied with the service from our partners.

We have 98% customer satisfaction, which confirms our competent advice and support. You can find your nearest Distribution Partner by using our online tool. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your fly screens from Internorm is in good hands with an accredited installer.

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Our Internorm fly screens is a fantastic energy efficient way to upgrade your home.

Internorm are the industry’s leading high performance architectural glazing manufacturers, so you can rely on us for the highest quality products.

You can get started via our ‘Find Distribution Partner’ tool, and a friendly member of their team will be happy to discuss any questions you may have about our fly screens

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