I-tec Innovations

Internorm's range of I-tec innovations are what set our windows and doors apart.

You can get systems for your home with resilient profiles, thermally efficient glazing, excellent insulation, reliable security, superb shading, smart operation and outstanding ventilation. As a result, you can create the home of tomorrow - today. Contact Internorm today to find out more about our I-tec developments.

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Internorm I-Tec core

I-tec Core

With I-tec Core, you can improve the insulation of your home. Our I-tec Core timber aluminium windows and doors combine both materials to achieve superb performance. With a dense structure and leading technology, I-tec Core is humidity resistant. As a result, it works just as well on hot summer days as it does on cold winter ones.

Additionally, the highly durable I-tec Core blend allows the designs to stand the test of time. Because of this, weaknesses won’t emerge for decades to come and your home will stay warm and comfortable. For added peace of mind, we’ve made sure our I-tec Core design is environmentally friendly, and only timber of sustainable forestry with a PEFC quality seal is processed. Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today.

Internorm I-Tec core

I-tec Core

Another benefit of I-tec Core is the security the blend achieves. Our combination of laminated timber and resilient aluminium creates a robust window or door that keeps burglars out. Because our designs are so robust, they can also work well for larger glazing solutions. As a result, I-tec Core is highly secure in any window or door.

Along with our leading security hardware, I-tec Core timber aluminium windows can perform for decades without the wood inside cracking and twisting in bad weather. Because of this, the design of the window or door you install will last without regular upkeep. We can offer oak, ash, walnut, larch and spruce finishes for the inside of the window. For Passivhaus windows and door systems, think Internorm.


I-tec Glazing

I-tec Glazing will help maximise the efficiency and performance of your new build or renovation property. The I-tec glazing glass pane is installed and fitted precisely into the frame. After it’s secure, the remaining gap between the glass and the window profile is filled with adhesive. The glue joint is then concealed underneath the cover bead, creating a completely sealed fixing with no gaps.

This helps enhance the thermal performance and soundproofing of any property that wants to benefit from premium glazing.

Depending on the requirements of your project, you can choose from two different glass types. This includes toughened one pane security glazing (ESG) and laminated security glazing (VSG). Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today to find out how you can benefit from Internorm I-tec Glazing.

Internorm I-Tec glazing

I-tec Glazing

As well as acting as a thermally insulating window solution, I-tec Glazing also ensures maximum security and safety for the home.

In the unlikely event your glazing is broken, ESG glass breaks into many small blunt splinters. The danger of injury through cuts is therefore very low. With VSG glass, a tough, rip-proof foil is included to prevent any damages after breakage.

All I-tec solutions from Internorm are made from our own production, meaning we put as much thought and care into our glass as we do our profiles.

For innovative profiles and superior Passivhaus windows and door system in the UK, think Internorm.

Internorm I-Tec insulation

I-tec Insulation

I-tec Insulation has been created to help boost your property’s heat retention. Where applicable, the cavities of the window profile are filled with granulate instead of conventional foam. This allows for even the smallest gaps to be filled, ensuring no cold draughts can enter the property.

We take pride in using only HCFC-, HFC- and FC-free insulation materials when insulating our range of windows. These are a special combination of chemicals that make up fluorine, chlorine and hydrocarbon. Each of these chemicals are incredibly damaging to the environment, due to the high carbon emissions emitted during production.

Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today to find out how you can transform your home with I-tec Insulation.


I-tec Insulation

Thermal insulation levels are determined by their ‘U-value’. The better the thermal performance, the lower the U-value will be. Each Internorm window we install with I-tec Insulation reaches an exceptionally low U-value in comparison to many conventional window profiles.

The high levels of thermal performance in our I-tec Insulation means that very minimal heat loss occurs via the window profile. In turn, homeowners and commercial property owners should notice a decrease in the need to use central heating and help cut the cost of your energy bills in the long run.

Internorm I-Tec secure

I-tec Secure

Internorm’s I-tec Secure is resistant to modern-day burglar techniques such as levering, helping reduce the risk of potential break-ins or unwanted intruders. The system incorporates integrated flaps instead of the conventional locking pegs. This not only ensures the safe locking of the sash, but also means that the locking system is completely concealed.

With minimal parts making up the I-tec Secure hardware, your new system will also be exceptionally easy to clean, with minimal upkeep needed. The locking features that are incorporated into the sash don’t protrude as much as conventional locking systems, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today to find out how you can make your home more secure with I-tec Secure.

Internorm I-Tec secure

I-tec Secure

Window locking systems come in a variety of different security standards. At the most basic level, windows are locked using a peg locking system. Windows achieve the security class of RC1N when the profile is locked from all four corners. The highest security class for windows is RC2N, which is where the I-tec Secure system is classed. This means that the profile is secured around the whole frame, helping keep homes safe and protected.

As standard, all of our Internorm windows and doors adhere to the safety standards set by PAS 24 and the police backed Secured by Design scheme. Homeowners can feel rest assured that their home and loved ones will be protected for years to come with our I-tec Secure system.

Internorm I-Tec shading

I-tec Shading - powered by the sun

I-tec Shading is a fantastic way to keep your room the ideal temperature all year round. Thanks to the photovoltaic module and battery incorporated in our I-tec Shading, our system requires no external power source, meaning you can enjoy sun protection without the need for nearby power sources or extra costs on your electric bill.

I-tec Shading has been designed with the modern-day homeowner or commercial owners in mind. The system can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet via our I-tec Smart Window app, meaning you can control the position of the blinds, room temperature or shading completely remote. Enjoy a warm, comfortable living space all at the touch of a button.

Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today to discover how I-tec Shading can make your home comfortable all year round.

Internorm I-Tec shading

I-tec Shading - integrate into Smart Home System

Using the automatic I-tec Shading settings, the blinds in your new Internorm windows will open and close automatically at sunrise and sunset. Not only this, but the innovative system will also measure the temperate and adjust the blinds automatically if desired.

This is particularly helpful during winter, where the blinds will detect the sun and stay open, helping keep your home warm during the colder months. In turn, the temperature measure can help reduce the need to use your central heating, cutting the cost of your energy bills in the long run.

Available with the Internorm Timber-Aluminium and uPVC-Aluminium systems, they can be matched to our standard triple-glazed windows and doors. Also available as a hard-wired option.


I-tec Connect

I-tec Connect is the most functional window technology on the market today. Available across our range of windows, this development allows you to control every aspect at the touch of a button. Lighting control, opening and more become more functional than ever with I-tec Connect, as it’s all connected to create a true ‘smart home’.

You’ll get individually adaptable adjustments to your windows that you can carry out effortlessly. Not only that, you can see the exact status of your window through our intelligent opening control system. You don’t even have to be home to be connected. Our free app allows you to take control of your windows fully, wherever you are. Find your Internorm Distribution Partner today and learn more!


I-tec Connect

Our I-tec Connect technology brings enhanced connectivity to your home. As long as you have a Gateway connected via WLAN to the individual interfaces of your windows, you’ll be ready to go. From there, you can control each aspect online at the touch of a button. Just use the Internorm app, available on the Apple and Google Play store for free.

You’ll be able to adapt every element of your windows effortlessly, along with blinds and other accessories. And, in combination with our high-quality Passivhaus window systems, you’ll get superb performance without having to manage your windows manually. Speak to us today about adding I-tec Connect designs to your home!

I-Tec Open Button

I-tec Open - NEW

Knock-knock – convenience with I-tec Open

Knocking twice on the outside of your entrance door unlocks the door sash, which can then be opened without much effort – so simple. The knocking generates vibrations and activates the module, which is not visibly installed in the frame. You do not have to knock on the door at a specific point. The I-tec Open technology prevents the door from being opened unintentionally, for example by a gust of wind. Only knocking generates the necessary vibrations.

Fully integrated into the frame

I-tec Open is fully integrated into the door frame and is not visible from the outside. A green light on the push-button makes it quick and easy to see whether the day function is activated. If no light is illuminated, the module is deactivated, and the day function is out of operation.

I-tec Open offers:

  • Simple activation by means of a push-button (fingernail-friendly)
  • Modern, electronic daytime function
  • Easy entry without much effort for children or even wheelchair users
  • No unintentional opening by a gust of wind
I-Tec Open Knock Feature

I-tec Open

By knocking twice on the outside of your entrance door, the door sash unlocks and can then be opened without much effort – so simple.

Your advantages:

  • Simple activation by a push of a button (fingernail-friendly)
  • Modern, electronic day function
  • Easy entry for all, including children and wheelchair users
  • No unintentional opening by a gust of wind

Further information about I-tec Open here.

I-tec Decor

I-tec Decor - NEW

Introducing the innovative print technology from Internorm. Harnessing new digital printing technology, the I-tec-Decor design is applied in multiple layers to the internal uPVC profile, whilst an additional topcoat provides ultimate protection against harmful UV radiation and harsh cleaning agents.

Experience the future of digital printing today. Stand out from the crowd and achieve maximum style and individuality with this exciting new design concept. Match the interior profile of your windows and doors to existing elements of your living space to create a modern home that is as unique as you. Or make turn your windows into a feature, framing a beautiful view.

With 11 contemporary print options, from natural oaks to deep walnut tones, our wide range of printed uPVC makes it easy to find the perfect shade for maximum impact. Available with our KF 310, KF 410 and KS 430 uPVC-aluminium and uPVC systems, this latest advancement in printed window design offers you multiple personalisation options. Externally, the aluminium cladding with hardwearing powder coating is available in any RAL colour. So, the choice is yours.

Ready to start your next project? Triple-glazed as standard, upgrade your windows and doors with innovative I-tec-Decor designs. Discover your nearest Internorm showroom today and get expert advice from your local distribution partner.

Download the I-tec Décor flyer for further information.

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