Triple Glazing - Invest in Energy-Efficiency

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with Internorm triple glazing. Whether you choose timber-aluminium, uPVC, or uPVC-aluminium windows and doors, you will receive outstanding performance, ideal for Passive House and EnerPHit retrofit projects.

Quality triple glazed windows and doors not only offer improved comfort in your home, they also save you money on energy bills, reduce noise pollution and ensure that you, your family, and belongings are kept safe. Please contact your local Internorm Distribution Partner to discuss your selfbuild or refurbishment project.

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What is Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing provides many benefits, such as improved security, better insulation, and reduced noise pollution. Upgrading your home will not only make your space more energy efficient, but it will also make your home a comfortable place to relax and unwind.

At Internorm, we provide a completely bespoke range of triple glazed windows and doors in timber-aluminium, uPVC and uPVC-aluminium in various colours and finishes, all performing to Passivhaus Standards.

It’s important to remember shading, especially with large scaled glazing. Internorm offer a range of external, integrated and internal shading solutions. Our unique I-tec integrated blinds will help you control solar radiation whilst allowing light to enter freely into your home. It can be integrated into your Smart Home system too, so you can control your home without lifting a finger.

Internorm high-performance windows and doors offer a wide range of options, making them suitable for both modern and traditional architecture. Still family owned, we have been an industry leading company for over 90 years, focused on triple glazing and Passivhaus glazing.

Triple Glazing Benefits

Reduced Heat Loss

Triple glazing slows down the transfer of heat due to the three layers of glass. The insulated spaces filled with gas, insulation in the frame, as well as triple gaskets provide outstanding thermal efficiency to Passivhaus standard.

Improved Sound Insulation

The additional third layer of glass creates a durable barrier, reducing noise pollution. The air gaps, generally filled with Argon gas, also act as buffers, absorbing sound vibrations. Combined with three gaskets and I-tec Glazing technology, Internorm triple glazed windows and doors provide noise reduction up to 48dB and are Quietmark certified.

Increased Security

The combination of multiple layers of glass with secure multi-point locking systems means our windows and doors provide unbeatable levels of security. Available up to RC3, the triple glazed KF510 and KF520 alu-clad uPVC-aluminium windows and doors include our unique, patented I-tec Secure locking system, making them some of the most secure windows on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Enhanced thermal performance is achieved through improved insulation and reduced heat loss. This creates a stable, comfortable environment inside. The carefully designed combination of triple glazing, insulated frames, I-tec Glazing technology, optimum glazing spacers, and triple gaskets, ensure that the warmth is kept inside and the cold outside, resulting in considerable saving on your heating bills.

Greater Comfort

Who doesn’t want to feel warm and comfortable in their home? If you have ever lived in the home with drafty single or poorly performing double glazing, you will appreciate the difference quality triple glazed windows and doors make to your life. Triple glazing helps to reduce draughts and cold spots, ensuring optimum temperatures are achieved indoors. You can enjoy a quieter, warmer home – and even create a window seat or Oriel window.

Reduced Condensation

Triple glazing ensures that the surface temperature on the inside is higher, therefore reducing the risk of condensation and mould.

Internorm triple-glazed tilt & turn windows offer the ideal solution to avoiding condensation. The tilt function enables the exchange of air without having to open the window fully. The turn function means you can offer the window fully, ideal for purge ventilation.

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How Can Triple Glazing Improve Energy Efficiency?

Triple glazing provides an additional layer of insulation compared to traditional single or double glazing. This extra layer helps to minimise heat transfer between the interior and exterior of your home, creating a comfortable environment all year round. Triple glazing creates an effective barrier against heat loss, allowing less warm air to escape during the colder months.

When choosing triple glazing, always compare products. There is a huge difference in thermal performance and quality. To find out more, watch this short Youtube video on the advantages of triple glazed windows.

Does Triple Glazing Reduce Noise Pollution?

Triple glazing is extremely effective at reducing noise pollution. The additional layers of glass create a thick barrier that helps to block and dampen external sounds, such as traffic and plane noise. The gaps between the glass panes, usually filled with Argon gas, further enhance its sound insulation properties, resulting in a quiet, peaceful environment indoors. Triple glazing is particularly beneficial in urban areas, under flight paths, next to busy roads and motorways.

Cost Considerations: Is Triple Glazing Worth the Investment?

The initial investment of triple glazing can soon be justified by the long term benefits. In terms of energy savings – 50 – 80% – comfort and durability, Internorm triple glazed windows and doors will help to reduce energy consumption and heat loss for over 30 years. A cost effective investment, triple glazing will contribute to a more comfortable environment.

If you are building to Passivhaus standard, go for Passivhaus certification or retrofitting a home to EnerPHit standard, choosing the right windows becomes an even more important decision.

Triple Glazing vs. Double Glazing: Which Is Right for You?

Triple glazing offers superior insulation compared to double glazing, reducing energy consumption over time. Although triple glazing typically comes with a higher upfront cost, it will provide you with an array of benefits. If you are looking to make long term savings, consider triple glazing as a way of improving the soundproofing and insulation of your space.

Watch this short Youtube video: What are the advantages of Triple Glazing?

Sustainable Living Made Easy

Are you looking to make more environmentally conscious decisions? Triple glazing is the first step in creating a sustainable future. By improving the performance of your selfbuild or renovation, triple glazing will transform your space. Enhancing comfort, our triple glazed windows and doors are available in a choice of styles, giving you the freedom to choose a greener solution that looks great and delivers excellence.

Find out more about how Internorm manufacturing is committed to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

Find Your Local Internorm Partner for Triple Glazing

If you are looking to upgrade your windows to a triple glazing solution, choose Internorm for bespoke designs suited to your individual requirements.

Internorm provides you with an exclusive range of triple glazed windows, which means that you can benefit from U-Values as low as 0.62 W/(m²K), which is below the Certified Passive House Window Standards of 0.8 W/(m²K).

Discover your UK Internorm Partner today or contact us for more information on our range of high-performance triple glazed windows and doors.

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As well as focusing on energy efficiency, my wife and I liked the modern look and wanted large triple glazing to make the most of the sea views as well as the garden, merging the indoor with the outdoor living space.

Mr Hamilton

Isle of Wight

It is always worth considering the external appearance of a house, which is quite often overlooked. A house has a roof, walls and windows and the windows make up a third of the property. Think about everything in detail.

Mr Humphreys


I am a really light sleeper and the windows have made a huge difference. I am now having the best sleep I have ever had in any house that I have lived in because it is so quiet!

Mrs Glassick


We liked the very high standard of construction, the rigidity of the frames and windows and particularly the ease with which these heavy sliding windows moved with the touch of a finger.

Mr & Mrs Eldridge


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