What is Triple Glazing?

Make your home more efficient with our triple glazing systems in your home. It provides many benefits such as improved security, better insulation, and reduced noise pollution. With an upgrade in your energy efficiency, it does not only save you money on your energy bills, but this makes your home a comfortable and modern place to relax and unwind whilst reducing your carbon footprint!

At Internorm, we provide your property with a completely bespoke range of triple glazed windows and doors in Timber-Aluminium, uPVC and uPVC-Aluminium in various colours, all adhering to Passivhaus Standards.

It’s important to remember shading, especially with large scaled glazing. Our unique I-tec integrated blinds will help you control solar radiation whilst allowing light to come freely into your home. It can be integrated into your Smart Home system, too, so you can control your home without lifting a finger.

There is always a product within our facility to suit your needs and requirements. Because of this, we have been an industry leading company for the past 90 years for triple glazing and Passivhaus certified glazing.

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Triple glazing composite windows and doors

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For Triple Glazing

If you are looking to upgrade your windows to a triple glazing solution, you will have a completely energy efficient and stylish design bespoke to your needs and requirements.

Internorm provides you with an exclusive range of double and triple glazed windows, which means that you can benefit from U-Values that reach as low as 0.62 W/(m²K), which is below the Certified Passive House Window Standards of 0.8 W/(m²K), at no additional cost.

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Passive House Certified Windows

Your Home, Your Window and Door Design

Our selection of Timber-Aluminium, uPVC-Aluminium and uPVC Windows are energy efficient, reach low U-Values and offer outstanding thermal insulation.

By choosing our triple glazing options, you will ensure that your energy bills deteriorate whilst improving your homes carbon footprint.

We value our customers and how taste and preferences vary, so we manufacture some of the best bespoke window products to suit your properties’ needs and aesthetics.

You can choose from either a modern or minimalist style with our range of window designs – ensuring that we have the right features to cater for everyone.

Triple glazing uPVC windows

Internorm Windows Media

Our professionally trained distribution partners offer every client outstanding customer service. They will be able to help you find the perfect triple glazing window or door and install them into your home or new build.

Watch our video below to find out why Charlie Luxton chose Internorm Windows.

You can also view our media gallery and downloads centre to find out more about our Passive Certified glazing in the UK & Ireland, including Sheffield, Bristol and so much more!


Thermally Efficient Windows

Timber Aluminium

Our Timber Aluminium products are paving their way through home exterior design with timeless visuals and incredible practical features. Suitable for Passive House and Low Energy projects, few profiles match our composite systems.

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Triple glazing windows and doors

Composite Glazing Solutions

uPVC Aluminium

With reliable composite uPVC Aluminium, this material is perfect for an energy efficient home. These windows offer embedded I-tec ventilation and extremely low U-Values. Our wide range of products provides endless customisation options, making our windows and doors ideal for modern and traditional properties.

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uPVC windows triple glazing

Low Maintenance Styles

uPVC Systems

One of the most reliable triple glazing materials and profiles for windows and doors is uPVC. They offer the same innovation as our other composite options, but their superior noise insulation, thermal performance, and security benefits ensure that you receive the best industry leading products.

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triple glazing doors and windows

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Leaders in Passivhaus Glazing

Secure, Modern & Low Energy Windows and Doors

With all our windows and doors, Internorm products all achieve Passive House Standards and be fitted with I-tec glazing. This helps enhance stability and thermal insulation for your home, giving you the best solution for the cool British weather.

All our window profiles are flexible in design with customisable modern and traditional options to choose from. All our double and triple glazed windows can be combined with our other Internorm systems.

Your home is where you start and end your day, so in addition to your new triple glazed windows, consider our I-tec secure technology to give you peace of mind in the safety of your home.

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly option that combines style and practicality, Internorm triple glazing windows and doors are the perfect choices for your home.

Our team strives to make sure that our customers need come first and provide the best quality customer service. All Internorm Partners are professionally trained and have in depth knowledge, which means that your products will be expertly installed into your home with no added stress.

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