Standard unshaded rooms typically account for a 10°C difference compared to temperature-controlled rooms.

Internorm offers a range of shading solutions, from accessible, integrated shading with the I-tec Shading option, to the sturdy, maintenance-free external Raffstore Venetian blinds. With large glazing it is important to ensure your home does not overheat and turn into a glasshouse, especially during the summer months – even in the UK, where summer temperatures tend not to be as high as in some other European countries.

On south and south-west facing elevations in particular, some kind of shading is important and there are different ways of reducing excessive solar gain in a building with shading, especially when built to Passivhaus standard.

Innovative I-tec Shading Systems

There are a number of systems with integrated blinds on the market. Most of these are within a sealed unit, which are great when they work. But when those blinds go wrong, they are hard to get to and you are often looking at replacing the whole glazing unit, which can be very costly.

With Internorm’s high performance HV 450 timber-aluminium composite systems and the uPVC-aluminium KV 440 and KV 350 windows, the blind is fully integrated, set between an additional accessible glass pane and the window, for servicing when required. The blinds are therefore protected from wind, rain and dirt, and your windows do not have to be replaced if they ever fail.

The energy required to operate the integrated blind with the clever I-tec Shading system is generated by a photovoltaic (PV) module or solar panel, which is also easily accessed for any servicing or maintenance. The unit is totally self-contained in the window, so there is no need for hardwiring, making them ideal for renovations or EnerPHit projects where this could mean extensive work.

Internorm’s unique I-tec Shading system with solar panel is a green and sustainable solution which helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Blind options to match your interior design

Internorm’s integrated blinds are available as Venetian, Roman or black-out blinds in a selection of colours to suit your interior colour scheme and personal taste.

The HV 450 timber-aluminium and KV 440 uPVC-aluminium tilt & turn windows and doors, including French doors, are particularly popular in customer’s bedrooms and bathrooms, where they provide both privacy and sun protection.

High performance windows with integrated blinds

Offering outstanding thermal performance as low as 0.64 W/(m²K) and noise reduction of 46dB, these integrated blinds are the ideal window solutions for low-energy and Passivhaus homes.

Quality hardware ensures that the windows and not only require little to no maintenance but also provide outstanding security.

Like other shading solutions from Internorm, I-tec Shading can easily be integrated into a smart home system. This means that the blinds can be fully controlled either individually or simultaneously from your mobile or tablet or programmed to move up or down depending on time of day or temperature.


Industry leading installers

Get in touch with your nearest Internorm Distribution Partner today to find out more about our I-tec Shading and other shading solutions for your home. Internorm has been a pioneer within the window industry for over 90 years and all innovative I-tec solutions have helped home owners to create a better, more comfortable, energy-efficient and secure home.