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Internorm offers the most comprehensive range of high performance, triple glazed windows and doors for Passivhaus builds. Suitable for both new build, deep retrofit and EnerPHit projects.

If you are embarking on a Passivhaus or EnerPHit project, or understand the importance of creating an energy-efficient, sustainable home without going for certification, our Passivhaus experts are here to assist you and your architect to turn your vision into reality. We have an in-house Passivhaus Designer, who is more than happy to discuss your project, and our experienced distribution partners can advise on the most suitable products for your Passivhaus or low energy project.

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What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus, also known as Passive House, is a rigorous and internationally recognised building standard for energy efficiency. Requiring minimal energy usage for heating and cooling, Passivhaus builds are shaping the future of sustainable architecture.

At Internorm, we supply quality triple glazed windows to complete your build, as well as airtight doors. Our market leading products help to reduce heat transfer significantly to create comfortable, temperature regulated environments.

Builds that meet this strict criteria are awarded with a Passivhaus certification, which can be applied to both commercial and residential projects. A versatile and modern approach to construction, these sustainable projects meet the highest standards.

Meticulous planning and design are integral to achieving a Passivhaus certification. With the help of Internorm, make that a reality. Find your local Internorm Partner to begin your next project.




Passivhaus Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Passive House (Passivhaus) builds are highly energy efficient, with heating and cooling demands reduced significantly compared to conventional buildings. This is achieved through high levels of insulation, airtight construction, high-performance windows, and ventilation systems.

Improved Comfort

Passive House buildings maintain a comfortable indoor environment with stable temperatures and high indoor air quality. Through advanced insulation and airtight windows and doors, Passivhaus builds eliminate draughts and cold spots. Triple glazing will also help to contribute to a quieter, more comfortable space.


Passivhaus buildings significantly reduce energy consumption, resulting in a far more sustainable space.  In addition, they often incorporate environmentally friendly materials and construction practices, further reducing the impact on the environment. This reduction in energy use helps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Long Term Performance

Passive house buildings are designed to be extremely durable, making them resilient to even the harshest weather conditions. At Internorm, we are invested in projects that stand the test of time, with minimal maintenance required during the years that follow.

Air Quality

Passivhaus designs prioritise ventilation systems that continuously supply fresh air while filtering out pollutants and allergens. This results in a healthier environment that is comfortable, quieter and temperature regulated. Our triple glazed windows also help to reduce condensation, minimising the possibility of damp and draughts.

Self Build or Retrofit

At Internorm, we provide windows and doors that are suitable for both self builds, deep retrofit and EnerPHit projects. Achieve better U-values and improved comfort no matter the vision for your home. Find your local Internorm Partner today.

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What are the 5 Principles of Passive House?

Insulation: Passivhaus builds are super insulated to reduce heat loss.

Airtightness: Constructed to be extremely airtight, these homes ensure optimum ventilation.

High Performance: Triple glazed windows & doors create a stable, temperature regulated environment.

Heat Recovery: Sophisticated ventilation systems supply a stream of fresh air.

Solar Design: Passivhaus buildings incorporate modern solar designs.

What is a MVHR System?

A Passive House Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) system is a mechanical ventilation process designed to supply fresh air to a building while simultaneously extracting stale air. Minimising energy loss, an MVHR system includes a heat exchanger to recover heat from the outgoing air stream and transfer it to the incoming fresh air stream.

Passive Solar Design Explained

Passive solar design is a modern approach to architecture. Harnessing the natural energy of the sun, this approach provides heating, cooling and lighting for maximum gain. Passivhaus builds are often positioned to achieve the best exposure to the sun, with the largest surface areas facing south. Large windows, as well as elongated spaces, mean sunlight is captured and utilised. The materials used help to absorb and store heat too.

Passivhaus Certified

At Internorm, we are proud to be a founding and current Patron Member of the UK Passivhaus Trust. Leading the delivery of Passive House projects in the UK, it is their mission to create a more sustainable future. The Passivhaus certification is globally recognised and is a fantastic indicator of a high performance, environmentally friendly living environment. Start your next build or retrofit with Internorm and find your local partner today.

What Qualifies as a Passivhaus?

In essence, a Passivhaus has to comply with the 5 principles outlined above. These builds have to achieve thermal excellence through a super insulated structure with triple glazed windows and doors. With minimal thermal bridges and mechanical ventilation, Passive Homes generate the majority of their power through innovative solar designs. Consequently, they are modern, sustainable places to either live or work.

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If you are searching for energy efficient windows that offer outstanding performance, as well as style, longevity and sustainability, then Internorm Passivhaus suitable windows are the perfect choice for your self build or retrofit project.

Our Distribution Partners share our passion for innovation and quality, and aim to provide expert advice and efficient customer service. With in-depth Internorm product knowledge, local showrooms and professionally trained installers, you are assured of excellent service from start to finish.

Contact your local Internorm Distribution Partner today to arrange a showroom visit. Simply use the ‘Find Distribution Partner’ tool and get ready to discuss your Passivhaus new build or renovation project.

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As well as focusing on energy efficiency, my wife and I liked the modern look and wanted large triple glazing to make the most of the sea views as well as the garden, merging the indoor with the outdoor living space.

Mr Hamilton

Isle of Wight

It is always worth considering the external appearance of a house, which is quite often overlooked. A house has a roof, walls and windows and the windows make up a third of the property. Think about everything in detail.

Mr Humphreys


I am a really light sleeper and the windows have made a huge difference. I am now having the best sleep I have ever had in any house that I have lived in because it is so quiet!

Mrs Glassick


We liked the very high standard of construction, the rigidity of the frames and windows and particularly the ease with which these heavy sliding windows moved with the touch of a finger.

Mr & Mrs Eldridge


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