On the hottest day of the year, we had the pleasure of meeting the husband and wife and owners of this beautiful selfbuild property near Bath, Somerset.

Having recently returned to the UK after having lived abroad for many years, the original plan was to renovate the existing, run-down 1960s building. However, once all the work and costs were considered, the homeowners decided that the best way forward for them would be to knock it down and start again.

What was the client’s brief?

When it was originally a renovation project, the brief for the architect was to include slim framed, thermally broken aluminium windows and doors. Not much consideration was given to the performance of the products. However, this all changed when the project turned into a newbuild. At that point the focus of all aspects of the build shifted to a highly energy efficient building. It very quickly became apparent that the original aluminium windows considered would not meet the new criteria.

It was in fact the contractor, who suggested looking at the high performance Internorm triple-glazed product range and Internorm distribution partner CBP based in Corsham, Wiltshire, was approached quite late into the project.

“The client wanted large areas of glazing, with plenty of light into the building, a contemporary look, as well as exceptional U-values to make the house as energy efficient as possible, trying to achieve Passivhaus standards without Passivhaus accreditation. Although running behind on the build, they were prepared to accept the longer lead times to ensure they got the best windows and doors for their project”, explained Adam Gingell, one of the owners of CBP.

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Internorm Products used in this New Build:

This project includes the timber-aluminium composite windows and doors in a clean and modern white painted spruce finish internally and RAL9007 matt black finish on the external aluminium cladding, setting off the HF310 tilt & turn windows, some with fixed Panorama glazing, and large lift & slide doors beautifully against the elegant sand coloured brickwork. A glass-to-glass corner makes the most of the view out onto the BBQ and relaxed outdoor seating area.

The matching Internorm aluminium front door AT410 creates a stylish and highly secure entrance to the home. You can create your own, bespoke entrance door with our Door Designer tool.

As the property sits on a relatively small plot of land, one of the biggest challenges for Adam and his team of installers, was getting the large panes of glass for the HS330 triple-glazed composite lift & slide doors, which weighed 500kg, installed on the corner of the property under the projecting solar shade canopy. 

What are the highlights of the project?

The double aspect timber-aluminium HS330 lift & slide door combined with the fixed frame to the dining area within the double-height living space is simply stunning and provides light to both the ground and first floor. The HS330 sitting next to the glass-to-glass corner element in the large, modern kitchen creates a near invisible line between the inside and outside areas.

“We rented a similar property a few doors down when the house was being built. It had standard double-glazed uPVC windows and it was absolutely freezing! So, we couldn’t wait to get into our new home and enjoy the warmth that the triple glazed Internorm windows provide”, remembered the homeowner.

Any surprises?

Although thermal efficiency became a focus for this selfbuild, one surprising benefit of the Internorm triple glazing was the acoustic performance, something, which had not been considered previously.

The wife was keen to let us know how the triple glazing contributed to noise reduction: “I am a really light sleeper and the windows have made a huge difference. I am now having the best sleep I have ever had in any house that I have lived in because it is so quiet!”

Noise is unwanted sound and Internorm has been working with Quiet Mark for the past few months. Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme that identifies the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors. By choosing quieter technology and effective acoustic solutions a calming backdrop can be created to rebalance your well-being at home, work and in every living space.

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What a Transformation!

What is there to say other than WOW!

There is an approved Internorm partner near you, who, just like Adam Gingell from CBP Windows, wants to offer you support and advice on creating the most energy efficient home possible. Visit their Internorm showroom, where you can feel the quality of the products and find out what wide range of colour, finishes, timber and accessories options are available to you.