The design of a product makes a huge difference in whether someone wants to invest in something or not. Although, regarding energy efficient windows, it’s important to consider their key features. At Internorm, many design features and integrated technology make our windows more energy efficient, improving their strength, appearance, and practicality.

If you are looking for a brand new energy efficient window for your home, consider the frame materials, the glazing and how well it operates. These elements combine to influence your home’s energy efficiency, so how can you look out for the perfect Internorm energy efficient window?

Read below to find out more.

Frame Materials

To get an energy efficient window, it’s significant to compare frame materials. Each window profile contributes to the thermal protection of your home, its heat loss rate and its U-value. Below is a list of window frame types we offer here at Internorm and their key benefits: timber aluminium, uPVC aluminium, and uPVC – all being Passivhaus suitable, enabling you to build a comfortable, low energy efficient windows whilst reducing your ecological footprint.

uPVC Window Frames

Our stunning uPVC windows are the perfect choice for all styles of homes with visually appealing benefits and stunning modern features. Including state of the art security hardware, you and your loved ones will be completely protected for many years to come.

With extremely low U-values, uPVC can offer exceptional thermal performances and sound reduction for all property types. You can expect reliable, high performing, energy efficient windows without the need for excessive maintenance.


Timber-Aluminium Window Frames

Our timber aluminium composite windows are completely unrivalled for the home improvement industry. With exquisite visual elements of sustainable hardwood with the practical and durable aluminium elements, these profiles excel all expectations, leaving you with unmatched energy efficient windows to enjoy all year round.


uPVC-Aluminium Window Frames

Our uPVC aluminium hybrid windows are among the best combinations and best performing energy efficient windows. These are ideal for UK homeowners looking for exceptionally low U-values and bespoke possibilities. Whatever property style you own, our windows are perfect for both modern and traditional properties.

Whilst having the ultimate strength of aluminium cladding to create a low upkeep design. Internorm’s modern composite windows are incredibly popular due to their versatility, efficiency and hardwearing properties. At Internorm, we are proud to offer timber aluminium and uPVC aluminium frames, combining two material benefits and leaving you with the very best energy efficient window frame.



Windows with a high energy rating will typically have a U-value displayed nearby. A U-value is how easily heat can pass through a material. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal efficiency; for example:

  • Single Glazing has a U-value of around 5W/m2k
  • Double Glazing has a U-value of around 3W/m2k
  • Triple Glazing has an extraordinary U-value measurement between 0.8-1.6W/m2k!

Glazing Types for Your Energy Efficient Window

For most windows, it’s vital to take its glazing into account. While single glazing is most commonly used in older buildings, all new efficient buildings use double or triple glazing units. Windows with two or more glass panes ensure that they are correctly sealed to insulate your living space effectively.

Insulated windows dramatically lower a property’s U-value, which is a great opportunity to explore your options. With double and triple glazing units surrounded by a frame made of uPVC, wood or aluminium, it’s no doubt that your home will have the very best energy efficient windows in your area.

To discover more about triple glazing and how it can benefit your home, head on to our blog: ‘Will Triple Glazing Make My House Warmer?’. Otherwise, feel free to contact our team at Internorm today!

In summary, the best energy efficient window is one which provides an exceptional U-value, incredible frame and practicality. At Internorm, we offer you the highest performing and secure option to create a well ventilated, thermal and bespoke solution for your living space. We want to give you the creative freedom you need to give your visitors the perfect first impression with your new energy efficient windows.


Your Window Manufacturer and Supplier

We offer a range of energy efficient window styles, all crafted from premium materials; we know that every household and home is unique, so we want to cater to all styles.

Our team ensures that our designs are unmatched to deliver the best performances. Benefit from low energy efficient windows, with low U-values and competitive noise reduction levels. At Internorm, our windows will significantly improve your home for the better.

If you are looking for eco-friendly options that blend both style and practicality into one, then Internorm’s various energy efficient windows are the answer. Find your local Distribution Partner or contact us directly today!