There are several reasons as to why triple glazing is a great option. Unlike single glazing and even double, it can provide better standards of efficiency and help keep your property performing at a high standard for longer.

Triple glazing comprises 3 unique glass panes each separated by a small vacuum. The pocket between two glass panes is filled with inert gas, either argon or krypton gas. This innovative design helps to increase thermal efficiency and also helps with the reduction of noise pollution.

Keep on reading below to find out more about the benefits of choosing triple glazing, and why you should opt for it when upgrading your home next.


The Advantages of Choosing Triple Glazing

Keeping a property at a comfortable temperature is key to enjoying each corner of your home fully. The energy efficiency of a window is measured by its U-values. The lower the U-value, the better efficiency, and with triple glazing, windows and doors often boast values as low as 0.62 W/(m2K), making them incredibly efficient and perfect for low energy homes.

It is through rigorous assessments that triple glazed windows and doors are tested to ensure they reach the highest standards possible before they are installed into a property. Our continuous investment in developing improved manufacturing techniques and higher quality materials has allowed us to be at the forefront of creating energy efficient homes.

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Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

Double glazing can provide optimum levels of thermal performance, but with triple glazing you will be able to enjoy even better standards. The improved glazing will help to reduce the overall consumption of energy and will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In turn, this will also help to reduce your energy bills, whilst also helping to decrease your carbon footprint.

Help Reduce Noise Pollution

Another benefit of choosing triple glazing is that it can help dramatically reduce noise pollution. Perfect for properties in more urban and built up areas, triple glazing has been designed to block out any unwanted noises and allow you to enjoy moments of peace and quiet in your home.


Another benefit of triple glazing is that your new windows or doors will be less prone to condensation. Unlike single or double glazing, it will be incredibly difficult for air and water to build up within the windows, thus making them better protected against adverse climates.

More Secure

Triple glazing is manufactured using robust glass. This further enhances the security of your property and prevents intruders from easily breaking into the building. The safety of a property is key, and any new home improvements should be stringently tested to ensure they meet all the requirements. At Internorm, we only offer the best standard of window and door systems, that feature the latest high quality locking mechanisms.

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