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Interlux Systems Ltd are industry leaders in achieving the ultimate solution to your architectural, technical and aesthetic demands for your windows and doors across Ireland.

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Interlux Systems

With showrooms in Fermanagh and Galway, Interlux are more than happy to install Internorm windows and doors anywhere in Ireland, from wild and exposed coastal areas to chic, contemporary city spaces. With over thirty years’ experience in the window service, along with fully trained and highly competent staff and fitters, they offer a superior service from the first contact to final finishing touches, such as cladding and sills.

Interlux Systems Ltd is an Internorm 1st Window Partner, focusing on our values of design, technology, efficiency and quality. Internorm is committed to offering premium products, ensuring that their customers benefit from the highest quality double glazing products which is why we have chosen Interlux as an Irish Partner.

The team at Interlux offer customers across Ireland a comprehensive range of windows and doors that can be manufactured bespoke to your requirements. Taking pride in tailoring their products to your taste is what sets them apart from other specialists on the market.

Passive House Certified Windows and Doors

Interlux Systems Ltd is one of Internorms’ leading distributors of intelligently designed ‘Passive House’ certified windows and doors. Customers that choose Interlux as their project specialists will benefit from home improvements that guarantee comfortable, ambient temperatures without having to rely on central heating.

Ensuring that your homes energy consumption does not exceed 15 kWh/m²a, this will not only save you money but will also significantly lower the carbon footprint of your home. All of the Passive House certified products offered by Interlux boast U-values as low as 0.6, meaning your home will require approximately 80% less heating energy.

Interlux offers Internorm windows and doors that combine stunning aesthetics and impressive performance values to provide homeowners with incredibly energy efficient profiles. Despite the large glazing areas, our profiles will reduce heat loss and increase your homes heat gain through solar irradiation.

These highly thermally insulating energy-saving windows fulfil modern requirements, offering an eco-conscious solution for homeowners. The triple heat protection glazing incorporated in ‘Passive House’ glazing achieves U-values of up to 0.5 W/m2K and g values (overall energy transmission factors) of up to 62% – depending on coating and gas fillings.

Clients are able can visit the Interlux Systems showrooms, situated in Fermanagh and Galway. Onsite experts will be able to provide impartial guidance regarding the Passive House range and help you to take your first steps in transforming your home with Internorm products.

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Why Saira Khan Chose Internorm

Choose from Four Different Design Styles

Studio Studio

The studio design style is characterised by clean lines and a minimalist design. The windows become a design feature in their own right, whilst enhancing exceptional architecture.

Home Pure Home Pure

The modern home pure window with its square edge design perfectly blends into the unique architecture of contemporary buildings.

Home Soft Home Soft

The elegant round edge design of a home soft window creates a timeless look that can be integrated effortlessly into any design and architecture.

Ambiente Ambiente

An ambiente window offers the perfect blend of traditional design and classic detailing. The round profiled edges add a special charm to any façade.

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