Improved Heat Retention

I-Tec Insulation

I-Tec Insulation has been created to help boost your property’s heat retention. Where applicable, the cavities of the window profile are filled with granulate instead of conventional foam. This allows for even the smallest gaps to be filled, ensuring no cold draughts can enter the property.

We take pride in using only HCFC-, HFC- and FC-free insulation materials when insulating our range of windows. These are a special combination of chemicals that make up fluorine, chlorine and hydrocarbon. Each of these chemicals is incredibly damaging to the environment due to the high carbon emissions emitted during production.

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Enhanced Thermal Performance

I-Tec Insulation

Thermal insulation levels are determined by their ‘U-value’. The better the thermal performance, the lower the U-value will be. Each Internorm window we install with I-Tec Insulation reaches an exceptionally low U-value in comparison to many conventional window profiles.

The high levels of thermal performance in our I-tec insulation mean that very minimal heat loss occurs via the window profile. In turn, homeowners and commercial property owners should notice a decrease in the need to use central heating and help cut the cost of their energy bills in the long run.

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