Opinions on uPVC window cleaning throughout the winter are usually mixed. Streak-free windows are a must for many, even in the colder months. Although several aspects need to be considered, keeping windows clean even in freezing temperatures can be achieved. We have summarised the top seven tips for uPVC window cleaning in the winter; let’s check them out!

1. Add table salt to the cleaning water: On particularly cold days, it’s best to add a dash of antifreeze (alternatively spirit) and some conventional salt to lukewarm water. This prevents the cleaning water from freezing when you are outside.

2. Remove loose dirt: The uPVC window pane should be cleaned of dirt. To do this, carefully sweep the window with a small broom. Only then you should wipe the windows with a sponge or cloth. In the last step, remove the water with a squeegee and, if necessary, dry some areas with a cloth.

3. Clean at midday: The mild temperatures around midday are best for cleaning your uPVC windows. Caution: Do not clean in direct sunlight, as this will dry the panes faster, leading to unwanted streaks.

4. Don’t forget to keep your uPVC windows ventilated: Always ventilate while cleaning so that the uPVC window panes do not fog up. Also, pay attention to your plants – these should be placed away from the window sill to avoid frost from damaging them.

5. Note the temperature: Experts advise against cleaning windows at temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius. In frosty temperatures, the cleaning water can freeze on the uPVC windowpanes if no antifreeze is added to the water. Therefore, milder winter days are generally better for the condition of your windows.

6. Start with the uPVC window frame: First clean the frame, then the pane – that’s how many people advise it, regardless of the season. When it comes to the window frame, it is important to dry it carefully after cleaning; otherwise, ice can get stuck and affect the appearance of the uPVC windows.

Cleaning uPVC Windows

7. Do not clean when it is snowing: to protect your living space from the dirt outside, cleaning should not be carried out when there is acute snowfall, hail or precipitation.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with cleaning windows, even if the temperatures are lower than usual. If you follow these seven top tips, you will have clean windows all year round. Contact our team for further information and discover our range of uPVC window products at Internorm today!