Earlier this year, in March, Internorm once again had the pleasure to present themselves at Futurebuild 2022.

For the past 16 years, Futurebuild has pushed some of the most innovative brands within the fenestration industry, which is why we here at Internorm were so excited to attend alongside many other fantastic and forward-thinking exhibitors.

At Futurebuild 2022, we unveiled two of our latest additions to our continually evolving product range, the KF510 and the HF510.

Futurebuild continues to herald the very best in environmentally sustainable brands, which is why we were ecstatic to showcase our two brand new window profiles, which delivers the very best in thermal performance, all whilst utilising a slim profile that utilises a fully integrated locking system.

With an aluminium-clad frame, our KF510 window offers property owners an incredibly sustainable home improvement solution that ensures maximum energy efficiency, allowing you to rely less on your central heating, and enjoy the very best in insulation. With Internorm, you can reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint in unrivalled style.

Our other new addition to the Internorm family is the HF510 timber-aluminium window, which offers market leading performance coupled with high-class U-values and acoustic reduction to ensure maximum comfort with zero impact on the environment.


With both window profiles, our goal was to emphasise unmatched performance, whilst delivering a peerless aesthetic that boasts a slick and modern frame that can offers a contemporary feel, alongside ahead of its time functionality. Benefit from internal blinds that offer hands free operation, a fingerprint scanner and integrated locking. Benefit from a brand new home improvement solution that offers unmatched performance, security and of course, style.

On top of revealing our brand new KF510 and HF510 window profiles, we were also able to showcase the rest of our incredible product range, including our entrance doors, lift & slide doors, Juliette balconies and, of course, the rest of our brilliant window range.

Just like Futurebuild, we here at Internorm believe in providing environmentally sustainable home improvement solutions for property owners who want to enhance their quality of life at home whilst still ensuring that our planet is able to thrive. With Internorm, you can have it both ways!

To find out more about the newest additions to our product range or how you can enjoy a green, yet high-performing window or door, get in touch with Internorm today and discover your local Internorm partner.

We look forward to hearing from you.