Here at Internorm Windows and Doors, we are your ideal choice for architectural, ultra modern, and innovative windows and doors that fit perfectly in your home.

Using only the latest technology, we can tailor and customise our products to fulfil and satisfy your desires. Whether it’s increased security, enhancing your home’s acoustic properties, or improving your property’s thermal performance, we can supply it all. We worked alongside Optic Realm and provided them with an extensive portfolio of colours and styles to choose from, so they wouldn’t have to compromise on the style of windows that they wanted to fit.

Internorm Products Used within this Installation:

  • Timber aluminium windows: HF310
  • Colours used: Light Grey HM735 externally (front and back), special RAL7013 externally (side), Spruce Traffic FI916 factory painted internally. However, the client had them re-painted to Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back.

Timber-Aluminium Windows

The latest Internorm renovation project that we worked on was installing windows for 15 apartments that had extremely high specification windows, thus making us the perfect choice for the customer.

For this specific project, we decided that our timber aluminium, composite HF310 windows fulfilled the needs of the project in the best way. Not only are our timber aluminium windows meticulously crafted, but they are extremely long-lasting.

Timber Aluminium Composite Windows Hampstead

Although this project seemed small, it wasn’t without its challenges. We had to tailor the windows to feature integrated glass balustrades without a stainless steel top trim to help maintain the cleanliness of the lines. This then made the product not only fit for purpose in the apartments but gives an indicator to you of the work we can do for your home.

An adaptable ventilation option, while being able to trap heat, is ideal in any property. We were able to provide the high performing windows with electric actuation in order to provide ventilation without the need for any unnecessary external hardware.

Internorm uPVC timber aluminium windows

Fully Customisable Timber Aluminium Windows

The choices we made for this project were very specific to the customer, which allows us to customise our products to fit the aesthetics of the interior and exterior of your home. Timber aluminium windows combine the appealing features of timber with the robust nature of aluminium which made them ideal for these apartments.

We opted to use aluminium externally for this project due to its incredible low maintenance. It also provides crisp lines, and you can choose from our extensive portfolio of colours and styles, so you’ll never need to compromise.

Hampstead timber aluminium windows Internorm

Using Trusted Partners and Suppliers

We ensure that the Distribution Partners that install our products align themselves with our values of strong customer service while delivering premium products.

For our latest Internorm Windows and Doors project in Lancaster Grove, Hampstead, we were delighted to have worked with Optic Realm. Optic Realm is a family-owned, privately funded developer. Once again, our shared values mean that everything they build, they keep, ensuring long-lasting robust windows and doors that need little or no services for years to come.

We’re always looking at the long term when installing our bespoke products for home upgrades. With this in mind, we manufacture our windows and doors not to last five or so years but to deliver decades of high performance.

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Although there we other options of window suppliers for this project, we at Internorm stood out from the crowd due to our exceptional and personable service.

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