Internorm are delighted to have been triumphant at year’s John Connell Awards, held at the Palace of Westminster.

This October saw the celebration of the 20th year of ‘The Noise Oscars’; an annual event which shines a unique spotlight on those who are spearheading change and pioneering a quieter, more peaceful world for us all.

The Awards, hosted by the Noise Abatement Society, are named in honour of their esteemed founder, whose advocation for more stringent regulations regarding soundproofing dates back some sixty years.

With all this in mind, we were overjoyed to have been presented with the Quiet Mark Acoustics Academy Built Environment Award 2022 by the long-standing authority voices on reducing noise pollution.

Internorm & Quiet Mark

We are immensely proud of our relationship with Quiet Mark, who are the leading name in creating peaceful living. They conduct extensive technical assessments across a comprehensive array of residential and commercial sectors and work closely with household names like Dyson, Kärcher, Hotpoint, Miele and John Lewis, so we are in good company.

To be associated with Quiet Mark is testament to the quality of sound reduction that Internorm windows and doors offer our customers. Quiet Mark only certify products that are manufactured to the highest standards.

A Better Quality of Life with Internorm

When you upgrade to our premium windows and doors, you will enjoy a better quality of life. It’s that simple. Blocking out more external noise will help you relax better and sleep without disruption.

Moreover, with more of us working remotely than ever before, it is imperative that your home office provides a quiet space to work in, as well as offering thermal comfort day and night. By investing in Internorm’s high performance triple-glazed windows and doors you can achieve both, and also know that you and your family are kept safe and secure.

This extends into design and style, with windows, doors and lift & slide doors all available within this product range. With four different design styles and an array of colour choices, they can all be customised to your individual requirements and taste, making them ideal for replacements and for full house renovations.

Whether you live in an urban area or a more rural one, Internorm’s premium, triple glazed Timber-Aluminium and uPVC-Aluminium composite windows will dramatically improve your home’s acoustic insulation. At their best, Internorm windows and doors can offer sound reduction levels of up to 47dB. Still a family-owned company based in Austria, Internorm has been at the forefront of the glazing industry for over 90 years, offering award-winning, innovative windows and doors, with a focus on sustainable production.

Internorm products certified by Quiet Mark are as follows:

  • HF510 Timber-Aluminium Triple Glazed Composite Window
  • HV450 Timber-Aluminium Triple Glazed Composite Window with Integral Blinds
  • KF520 uPVC-Aluminium Composite Triple Glazed Window
  • KS430 uPVC-Aluminium Composite Lift & Slide Doors

Find a Distribution Partner

Enjoy a quieter and more relaxed home with Internorm. Find your nearest Internorm Partner to discuss your home renovation or selfbuild, and find out how you can improve your quality of living.

If you any questions about our Quiet Mark certified products, contact our team today.

The Noise Abatement Society, John Connell Awards 2022 at the Terrace Pavilion, Palace of Westminster, at the House of Commons, London. The Awards were hosted by Sir Peter Bottomley MP for Worthing West and celebrated 10 Years of of the Quiet Mark.