Triple glazing can transform your home into a functional, practical and high performing space that you can be proud of. As we move into 2022, making your home more energy efficient is becoming more and more relevant every day; triple glazing can help your property become sustainable and eco-friendly. So, what can triple glazing achieve for you?


Living in the UK, we all know that the weather can be unpredictable and sometimes chaotic. Triple glazing allows your home to be protected against unpredicted weather conditions, no matter the extent; alongside this, your windows will also be less susceptible to condensation, making it harder for water and air to get trapped between the separate panes.

Noise Reduction

Triple glazing offers a huge reduction in noise pollution so that you can keep your privacy and family conversations between your four walls. Your home should be somewhere you can relax and speak openly whenever you want – so it’s no surprise that triple glazing provides this advantage.

Energy Efficient

With the efficiency of your triple glazing, you will be spending less money on your energy bills every year. Your home will become an environment where you don’t need to stress heating costs and save money each year instead!


Safety is such an important factor when considering a home. Whether you are improving or remodelling, triple glazing is a robust and durable option that is certain to keep you and your family secure and protected. Internorm’s triple glazing systems feature the latest locking mechanisms to get the best service possible no matter the situation.

Your Triple Glazing Options

Internorm provides various materials to give you the best triple glazing opportunities possible – what are the differences, and is there an overall winner? Let’s find out!

Timber Aluminium Windows

Timber has always been a popular option for homeowners over the years due to its craftsmanship make it ideal for all types of architecture. Its durability has aesthetically pleasing features that offer an energy efficient U-Value of 0.62 – lower than that standardised Passivhaus Regulation of 0.8

uPVC Aluminium Windows

Alongside this, Internorm’s uPVC composite windows have a 0.62 U-Value. As a team, we understand that every home is unique, which is why our uPVC aluminium windows are customisable in colour and design. So, whether you are looking for a modern or traditional style, we can work around all your needs and requirements to get the best solution possible. You can choose from our classic turn-tilt windows or our large scale glazing in other areas of your home with balcony or patio doors too. The possibilities are endless.

uPVC Windows

Modern uPVC windows are extremely popular with our customers due to their energy efficiency, durability and versatility. With our award winning uPVC products, they can be tailored to your requirements and can match your current style, so you never have to compromise on colour or a particular design. As a leading home improvement industry, we have even thought of unusual designs; if you have triangular, rounded or pointed arches, we can incorporate these too.

What is the Best Triple Glazing Solution?

At Internorm, we want to ensure that your home adds individuality and originality and portrays your personality throughout the space. Is there a better triple glazing design? Well, that depends on your preferences, due to our bespoke quality, you will get the best solution no matter the situation.

Triple glazing has incredible features, all included in our various models, so you will not miss out on its many benefits. Internorm was established 90 years ago, and with our experience, we know how important it is to get the right answer. You will be buying from an outstanding company that has been perfected for decades.

Please find your nearest Internorm Distribution Partner, or contact a friendly member of our team to start your journey today!