Triple Glazing: Soundproof Benefits

When correctly fitted, these quiet windows provide a wide range of advantages. Triple glazed quiet windows, which are more solid and durable than conventional windows, provide exceptional insulation, particularly in regions with harsh weather, and minimise the transmission of sound.

Therefore, this quiet window style is suitable for homes that are situated near traffic, airports, trainlines and other disturbing sounds. Because of this, by the time the sound reaches your house, it is already muted and less detectable.

At Internorm, we realise that their popularity isn’t a surprise. Their versatility ensures the glass layers diminish the soundwave’s intensity whilst simultaneously keeping your home at a perfect temperature throughout the year. Continue reading to explore our range of quiet windows!

Read below to discover more triple glazing benefits:

  • Triple glazing involves three panes of glass which enhances security, since the thicker panes are more difficult break into. In addition, they provide significant energy savings compared to single and double paned windows, ideal for the current state of rising costs.
  • Triple paned quiet windows include three layers of low emissivity glass that provides exceptional insulation – ideal for the UK which has unpredictable and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, triple glazed quiet windows resist condensation.
  • Triple glazed quiet windows contain argon between each layer. As a result, they make it more challenging for heat to escape. Consequently, you will be able to successfully manage the temperature in your house without spending lots of money.


How Does Triple Glazing Work in Relation to Sound?

Multiple elements must work together to prevent outside sounds from entering a property. First, the overall thickness of the glass is directly related to the noise reduction. Thinner glass panes are insufficient at blocking out any form of sound.

Adding gaps between each pane of glass is really beneficial. The larger the space between glass, the higher the sound insulation. Adding heavy, inert gases such as argon to these places further reduces noise.

At Internorm, our triple glazing acts as a barrier between the interior of your home and the outdoors. You can feel completely secluded from the world around you and feel the benefits of a warm, quiet and cost effective home, just by upgrading your quiet windows and doors. The materials and glazing options that we offer can give your home the bespoke and unique appearance you are looking for, all without compromising on functionality. What more could you want?

Timber-Aluminium Windows

With U-values as low as 0.62W/m2K, our broad selection of timber aluminium quiet windows is proud to provide efficient, quiet windows for barn conversions, new construction, and grand design residences.

uPVC-Aluminium Windows

Our uPVC aluminium hybrid style quiet windows are among the finest mixes of materials for a quiet window that will work flawlessly in your house. This design is appropriate for both historic and contemporary houses because to its beautiful aesthetics, I-tec advancements, and low U-values. We are convinced that we provide the finest option for your home.

uPVC Windows

At Internorm, our uPVC energy efficient windows give current features and advantages, such as low U-values, so that your quiet windows may provide dependable, trustworthy, and high performing outcomes without requiring routine maintenance.


Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark is in charge of its precise acoustic measurement system, which involves professional acoustic teams from all over the world. Quiet Mark looks at the declared technical test data and takes acoustic measurements of products in its test lab and with partner acoustic labs for different types of products.

In each category, the acoustic performance data of each product is compared to the acoustic performance data of other products in the same category. 10% to 20% of the quietest and best-performing products in each category are given the Quiet Mark certification. This is based on a large set of data from a selection of similar products on the market right now. Each product category is re-evaluated once a year to take into account any new models that come out.

At Internorm, we are proud to support Quiet Mark on reducing noise pollution and creating a quieter, more comfortable living environment.

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