Known as a particularly cosy place, the window alcove is a perfect place to sit inside and watch the world go by. It’s definitely a romantic seating and lounging area; where you can take time out and relax to read a book or get cosy with a cup of tea. With many design elements, this is a wonderful place to retreat away from daily stresses. can therefore be used as an excellent retreat.

At Internorm, we would like to share with you a few suggestions on how to design a window alcove that maximises a luxury style and the things to look out for.

Architectural Splendour

The placement of the window alcove turns out to be a very important structural aspect. There are several possibilities for building the window alcove:

  • Designing the window sill as a wide seating area, for example, like a bay window.

  • Creating a wide window sill with storage space underneath enhances the floor area to appear more open and spacious for all kinds of bulky objects or can also serve as a noble radiator cover. The window recess can be seen as a space saving built-in component and gives the room the impression of a large size and spaciousness.

  • Another possibility would be to fit a piece of reclining furniture exactly to the height of the window front to enhance the focal point of the window alcove.

  • In the case of particularly deep walls or if the window sits as far as possible on the outside of the wall, deep window niches are created. The upholstery turns a window recess into a wonderful window alcove reading corner, in no time at all. It also makes an excellent “daybed” for relaxing hours by the window. Cushions give the window alcove an additional decorative accent.
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The Right Choice of Window

Choosing the right window for your property is so important for an optimally designed window recess. Windows are also known as the eyes of the house and serve as a bridge between the inside and outside. The right choice, therefore, plays a significant role in creating a unique, and relaxing space.

With highly insulated properties, Internorm offers the possibility of designing practical areas directly at the face of your windows. Internorm’s window range can be produced individually and entirely to your own requirements, you can be confident that you will receive the very best service with your new alcove windows.

Sun Protection and Thermal Insulation

The various designs of Internorm windows that we offer, all provide protection from intense sunlight through the automatic control of the shading system. Using a photovoltaic module (conversion of light into electricity) and a rechargeable battery, Internorm’s composite windows can control the opening and closing of blinds. The measurement of solar radiation and temperature prevents the rooms from overheating and therefore creates a comfortable room all year round.

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Our Reflection on Window Alcoves

The window alcove is an individually designed sanctuary of wellbeing. It is the perfect place to take time out from everyday stresses. The cosy ambience and the atmospheric qualities that the panorama window offers is the opportunity to observe the passing world undisturbed. Get in touch with Internorm today for more information on how to get your dream window today!

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