Are composite windows worth it?

Composite windows combine a visually pleasing appeal and a functionally effective timber window with aluminium cladding. One of their main strengths is their solidity; they will not warp, rot or expand. The typical British weather will not penetrate the material, making these windows weatherproof, ideal for the extreme winter months.

Our range of windows provides a perfect scenario for all property types, whether you are extending and upgrading your home or integrating it to a lower energy new build. For other designs like pointed, triangular or rounded arches, this style can be incorporated to add another element to your property.

Internorm UK can assure you that when buying from us, you are investing in windows that have been created from many years of supplying and manufacturing experience. We were established 90 years ago, so you can ensure that a trustworthy home improvement specialist is looking after your Sheffield home.

Built for Sustainability

Internorm has an ongoing focus on a sustainable production plan; here are a few methods on how we achieve an eco-friendly solution:

  • End of life recycling
  • Integration of recycled materials in new products
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Switch to geothermal energy
  • Locally sourced and efficient use of raw materials
  • In-house production of windows and other products

When investing through Internorm, you can be confident in knowing that you are supporting a focused and sustainable manufacturer who help reduce the carbon footprint in your home.

Incredible Insulation

Composite windows offer the highest quality thermal performance and sound-reducing technology. The heat retention within your home will improve as its ranges reach an incredible 0.62. In translation, this allows your home to feel more comfortable whilst your energy bills are being reduced! This is extremely beneficial for those that live in urban areas, and you can have a cosy, warm and quiet night sleep with Internorm’s composite windows.

Innovative Design

Your composite window choice will be robust, resistant, and strong against any harsh weather conditions from materials like uPVC-aluminium , uPVC and timber aluminium. Our specialist, home improvements team, will install your windows with expertise and ease; you are destined to have protection from a minimal maintenance solution.

Discover our range of I-tec innovations and explore what you could add to your home!

Are composite windows worth it? As a homeowner, you can benefit from a home improvement solution that offers longevity, uncompromised security and undeniable style.

Internorm has local partners all across the UK, which makes it so much easier to find a trusted distribution company near you. Our experts are always dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products, installation and incredible service.

Don’t be afraid to use our ‘Find Distribution Partner’ tool to get in touch with a friendly member of our team and discuss your upcoming Sheffield home composite window project.

No matter the size or budget, Internorm can assist you with whatever requirements you may need – otherwise, you can directly contact us through our contact page; we look forward to hearing from you soon.