As we head into winter, we become more aware of so-called twilight burglaries. Innovative security measures on windows and doors are a good way of dealing with unwanted perpetrators. Any burglar who takes too long to break into a house will quickly abandon their plan. You too can protect yourself with modern window technology.

Security and burglar resistance is measured in RC, Resistance Class, and is stated in the information provided by manufacturers. The scale ranges from RC 1 – the lowest level – to RC 6. For residential buildings, especially on the ground floor, a minimum class of RC 2 is recommended. RC 3 may be necessary if you live in a very exposed location or own particularly valuable household goods.

Enhanced Window Security Features

Internorm is a pioneer when it comes to window security. The R&D department of Europe’s leading window brand uses tried and tested technologies, as well as patented innovations to provide customers a feeling of security within their own four walls. The advantages at a glance:

  • Mushroom head pins hook into strike plate on the frame and make it much more difficult to lever out windows. They are used as standard in almost all Internorm products.
  • The only exceptions are the uPVC-aluminium windows KF 510 and KF 520, as they are always equipped with the unrivaled I-tec Secure locking system. Integrated flaps press against the inside of the frame on all four sides when locking, making it practically impossible to lever out the window.
  • Another I-tec innovation which offers enhanced security is I-tec Glazing. With this system, the glass pane is precisely fitted into the frame and glued on all four sides without gaps. It can therefore no longer simply be pushed in.
  • In general, glass plays an important role in burglary protection. With laminated safety glass (LSG), a robust, tear-resistant film is inserted between two panes of glass. If you try to break it, the splinters stick to the film so that there is no opening.
  • Lockable window handles are also an effective means of preventing burglars from breaking in. Sometimes they try to partially break the glass, access the window handle through the opening and open the window from the inside. Locked window handles stop this attempt.
  • Other effective measures against criminal activity on your windows include concealed hardware. This prevents the windows from being lifted off their hinges. Additionally, electronic monitoring with locking sensors and alarm systems can be fitted to windows and integrated into a smart home system.

All Internorm windows are Secured by Design and PAS24 accredited and therefore offer enhanced security. Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop, and visit.

Your local Internorm distribution partner can advise on how much protection your home needs and which measures are best suited for both selfbuild and retrofit projects. Find them on our home page.

Internorm I-Tec secure
Patented Internorm I-tec Secure on KF 510 and KF 520 uPVC-Aluminium windows offer exceptional security

Common Sense Security Measures still Apply

It remains important to observe other basic rules of burglary protection. For example, even the most secure window is useless if it is tilted when you leave the house. According to police information, ladders, and garden furniture, which could be used by burglars as a means of entry, as well as tools, should be locked away securely. Motion sensors and timers, which can switch lights on and off even when no one is in the house, provide a valuable deterrent.

It is also important to be aware of your surroundings and report anything suspicious. The motto is: it’s better to call the police once too often than once too little.

Protect your Home with a Secure Front Door

Not only windows from Internorm are industry leading in terms of burglary protection, security is also a top priority for our front doors. Internorm Aluminium and Timber-Aluminium entrance doors not only look great and are highly thermally efficient due to their solid, multi-chamber frame profile and insulating foam core, they include five-lever locking, three solid door hinges and cylinders with drilling and scanning protection as standard features.

Additional protection can be achieved with high-security cylinders, Ekey fingerprint scanners and automatic locking. This is further proof that your security is also our top priority.


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To get advice on how you can make your home more secure with quality Internorm windows and doors, please visit your local Internorm showroom.