What are timber aluminium windows?

Timber has been an endlessly versatile option for homeowners through the years due to its incredible craftsmanship and adaptable nature, which has made it perfect for all types of architecture. At Internorm UK, our timber aluminium windows blend the aesthetically pleasing timber elements with the strength of aluminium. Our selection is thermally and energy efficient and achieves U-values as low as 0.62!

Our team of professionals create the perfect timber aluminium windows to cater to your home, ensuring that your product is according to your desired design, size, style and personal requirements. Alongside this, our collection of timber aluminium composite windows can be upgraded with aluminium doors to match – so that your home is expertly coordinated.

Each home is personal and has its own personality. Your windows are no exception. Internorm UK prides itself in its incredible range of timber aluminium windows which are fully customisable in colour and style. This makes our products ideal for all types of projects and locations, whether renovating conversions, new builds or grand design homes.

Precision Engineered

Timber aluminium windows are crafted with precision engineering to ensure they arrive exactly how you imagined. Our team uses the best sections to ensure that the continuous grain pattern is consistent throughout our selection. After being shaped and looked over, the timber is combined with the aluminium – creating a durable and long lasting home improvement solution.

Thermally Efficient

Our composite timber aluminium windows are not just visually pleasing, but they are a wonderful energy saving source for your home. Your windows will feature weatherproofing cladding externally whilst having a warm timber interior; the clad protects your timber from fading or peeling while allowing the windows to reach U-values as low as 0.62.

Our innovative design allows our timber aluminium solutions to be low energy and help cut the high costs of your energy bills. Each window that reaches the desired Passive House Standards is available to have additional I-tec ventilation and other innovations integrated into the overall design. Create the energy efficient home you dream of and invest in timber aluminium windows today!

Increased Home Security

Security is an incredibly important aspect for all homeowners; this is why our timber aluminium windows come with standardised security features. Each product that we install can have I-tec glazing integrated into the design, which means that you can easily brighten and open your home with added protection and wonderful thermal performances.

What are timber aluminium windows? Enjoy a window system that offers the very best in performance and aesthetics, without having to worry about compromising either.

For more inspiration and any further questions, please look at our media gallery or contact us directly to discover our visually pleasing collection of Internorm UK’s timber aluminium windows.